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Mathletics Hall of Fame Autumn Term 2018

Yesterday, the children in Key Stage 2 walked to the church for their "Carols in the church" concert.  They performed beautifully, full of enthusiasm and smiles.  Well done to all the children for learning their lines for the songs and poems. The year 6 children learned, by heart, poems written from the point of view of characters in the Nativity.  A big thank you to everyone who helped make the afternoon a success - Rev. Craig, David Blake, Mrs Nash and the staff at school.   

  The final morning was a busy one.  To begin with, we had to pack.   That meant finding the owners for all the footwear and coats that had found a home in the corridor.  The children worked hard and with some adult help all cases were packed and taken to a room for safe-keeping for the morning whilst the children were busy climbing and orienteering.  The food at Liddington was very good.  There was always a choice and the children quickly understood the routine.  There was always a salad bar and many chose to have a bowl of salad with their meal. 

  The week was an enjoyable one and Mrs Hicks, Mrs Hamlen and I were very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the children for every activity.  They all demonstrated the school's leadership values, accepting any challenges set by the instructors.  Well done!

This morning, was more difficult to wake the children!  Especially as they had had such a busy day yesterday and breakfast was earlier today.  The weather was much, much warmer, but damp and overcast, however this did not detract from the fun activities scheduled for today.  Tunnel trail - a labyrinth of tunnels underground, which they had to navigate their way through as a team, in the dark.  Problem solving - a series of challenges that required team work, good listening, turn-taking and determination.  They included games outside the box, physical and practical challenges. Crate challenge - the children had to build a crate tower for their "harnessed friends" to climb up, until the tower eventually toppled over. Jacob's ladder - a vertical challenge of horizontal poles gradually getting further apart the higher you went.  The children had to work with a partner to assist each other with their climb.  The evening entertainment was Robot Wars - making a robot with the group leaders. 

Before leaving after Friday lunch, the children will be orienteering and climbing.  We are sure the children will have lots to talk about when they see you.  

Thursday, Day 4 at Liddington

No rain today, but clear skies with a harsh frost covering the ground.  After a filling breakfast, out to the first activities at 08.40.  The children coped well with the cold conditions, making climbing more challenging.  Today's activities were: vertical challenge - a vertical obstacle course of rope ladder, tyres, climbing wall and cargo net before reaching the top. Five determined children reached the top; trapeze - climbing up a telegraph pole to reach a platform and then jumping up and reaching out to catch the trapeze; abseiling - from a tower and challenge course - a race track of various apparatus - rope swings, walls, monkey bars etc.  In the evening, the group went out with the group leaders to play "Ambush" (hide and seek in the dark).   Whilst listening to their bedtime story they enjoyed a few nibbles.  Sleep came early.   A great day had by all.  

Despite the damp inclement weather, rain didn't stop play!  We were very lucky to be visited by Dodie and the children were very excited to see a familiar face.  Out of bed by 07.00, breakfast 07.45 and a good selection of food on offer.  

  Throughout the day, the children rotated around the following activities: archery; canoeing; zip-wire and giant swing, with lunch in between.  After dinner there was a quiz and won by group 4, followed by a story read by Mrs Troughear, bed and lights out!  The children slept well.  

Liddington Residential - Day 1

Arrived safely and children quickly settled into their rooms.  Enjoying evening activity of "Wacky Races" , with their group leader, Ethan.  Lots of running, dancing and great entertainment for everyone, especially our very own "Diversity dance troupe".  Children in bed by 21.30, excited but tired.  


ay 1.

Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017

Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 1 Patsy playing the clarinet 'Funky Monkey'
Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 2 Leadership trophies awarded
Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 3 Music certificates
Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 4 Silver Ex's
Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 5 Noah collecting Mathletics trophy for Sycamore
Celebration Assembly 6th April 2017 6 Top ten Mathletic achievers

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Put a nose on it

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Red nose day 2017

Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017

Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 1
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 2
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 3
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 4
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 5
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 6
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 7
Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017 8