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Butterfly group phonics

Well done for all your phonics work Butterfly group - we can really see you applying your phonics in your writing which is fantastic! 


This week we've got a bit of a challenge - we're going to have a go at reading some longer words! These are called polysyllabic words - words that have more than 1 syllable. You may want to clap the syllables with an adult to help understand the concept of syllables. For example "Oak" is 1 syllable but "Maple" is 2 syllables!


How many syllables is "Silver Birch" or "Hawthorne" or "Sycamore"?

In school we do Phonics for 20 minutes every morning, here are some additional activities to practice polysyllabic words and Phase 4 consonant blends throughout the week:

Phonics play

username: march20

password: home


Practice reading polysyllabic words in this story: