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Home Learning Maple

Maple Class - You have been awesome, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, brilliant and FABULOUS!!!!

A huge well done from me to you and your families for getting through home learning!



Mrs Rampton and I will be there to help you know about things that are a little bit different so don't worry about anything!

It will be so nice to see you...it's been such a long time!

The weather might be hot so...Remember to put on your sun cream, bring a sun hat and a water bottle.

You don't need a bag or any books. 

But it would be great if you could bring back any school reading books so that they can be ready for September! 

(They can be put in a box next to the gate).


For those of you that I don't see...I can’t wait for September.  It will be so great to see you all back in school – learning and laughing together again!


I hope you all have a HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY!

Don’t stop all learning altogether – keep reading and keep doing a bit of maths and you will be ready for school in September!


Who will be the Best Doodle Class for 2020? 

This is the deciding week!

Silver Birch have 7 weeks and we have 7 weeks.

Who will it be?

We will find out on Friday so keep on Doodling all the way up to Friday!




Week 14 Home Learning Grid

There is a 'Hello' video from me to you in the Video Resource Section this week! smiley


AAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!   OH NO!!!!!!!!

We were beaten again by Silver Birch!!!

This is it .... it is now or never... we need to be the best class this week.

EVERYONE needs to be in the green zone if we are going to be the CHAMPION CLASS OF 2020!!!   I would LOVE it if Maple Class were the champion class.  SO LET'S ALL PULL TOGETHER AND STAY IN THE GREEN ZONE ALL WEEK!


Hello Maple, 

I hope you all had a nice weekend and you all feel refreshed and ready for a new week of work.

Once in a Lifetime learning for English carries on this week.  There are lots of short writing tasks.  Whenever I talk to your parents, lots say that writing is the harder thing to do.  That makes me think that you are getting a little bit rusty and if you are getting a little bit rusty then the best thing to do is to do more and work on it!!!  So I would like you to be really determined and have a really good go.  In March before 'Lockdown' happened, you were all able to write at least half a page of good quality writing without too much effort and lots of you could write a lot more.  If you remember, lots of you would need to turn over the page and carry on!  I don't want you to do really long pieces of writing but I do want you to write nearly every day and I would like you to show how resilient you are.  You can all write so get into your writing bubble, stay focused and show your parents that you can do it!  My advice would be to do the writing task first then you can forget about it.  Try to sit down at 9:00 and get it done by 10:00!!

I am planning to do a Teams phone call to Year 2 on Tuesday morning at 9:30  so if you have your diary writing finished then you can read some of it on the call or show it.  I would also really like it if you could show something that you have made during Lockdown or you may just want to talk about something you have made.  I am really excited that we will all see each others faces and I hope you are excited too!!! 

Maths this week is measuring capacity and temperature for Year 2.  For some extra fun, you might want to have a go at making some potions or some fruity cocktails.  Make sure you measure carefully! Year 1 you have fractions work on halving and quartering.  You have done fractions before so hopefully you will feel really confident with this work.

Please read my note about Doodle Maths below.  I am feeling a bit worried that after all of our hard work, we might get piped at the post by Silver Birch.  Remember we need everyone to stay in the Green Zone.  If everyone does their bit then we will be the champions for 2020!!!

Also don't forget to do some art work for the Flower Show.  Green Bubble did some amazing flowers using the Georgia O'Keeffe lesson last week.  This week there is a Van Gogh lesson.  So good luck and see what amazing flower art work you can create!

Have a SUPER WEEK!! 

From Mrs H






So far... Silver Birch have been the winning class 6 times and Maple 7 times.  

There are 2 weeks left.  Let's work together and make Maple the best class of 2020

One more week with everyone in the Green Zone and we will win!




"Hello" video message in the video resource centre. smiley


It was a tie this week - Silver Birch and Maple were both best classes! 

So far...Sycamore have been the winning class 4 times, Silver Birch 5 times and Maple 7 times.  There are 3 weeks left  and there are 3 classes still in it so...

Who will be the the Best Doodle Class for 2020? 



Hi Maple Class, 

I hope you enjoyed your Home Learning last week.  I received lots of great letters and have recorded the pages for you on the Video Resources section so make sure you have a look!  

This week your English work is all about Tiddler by Julia Donaldson.  Make sure you listen to the story a few times and then there is a task for each day.  I would like you to write a story this week and send it in to me so good luck.  Remember - You can do it!  It is hard work to write because there is lots to think about but if you get your writing bubble around you and find a place where you can concentrate then you can all write.  So give it a really good go! I am really looking forward to reading your stories!  Please send them to me on Friday (it's my birthday so it will be my birthday treat to read your stories!)

Your maths work this week is measuring for Year 2 with a day of symmetry and Year 1 have work on place value.  There are lots of tasks for each day so see what you can do - you don't have to do it all but on some days try to challenge yourself to do some of the extra tasks.

Please keep doodling - we haven't been the top class for a while now so see if you can all get into the green zone this week.  The children who entered the Spring Challenge will hopefully get their pin badges this week and I know there is a summer challenge coming up so look out for that!  I need to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Gabi who managed to reach a 100 day streak - what a super star!! There will be something coming in the post for you for your amazing achievement!  So there is a challenge for all of you to see how long you can make your streak!  The ideas is to do a little bit every day.

The coding challenge finishes this week so why not get onto Purple Mash and see how many of the coding challenges you can complete.  Remember to complete each one before you move onto the next one - that is very important! 

There are lots of other activities on the learning page so have a look and if you do something that you are proud of then make sure you send in a photo to Mrs Torkington for the web page.

Have a great week.  Work hard, dig deep and find your resilience.  Enjoy your learning and enjoy your free time! 

From Mrs Humphries 



Hello video message this week in the video resource area.smiley


DOODLE MATHS - Oh no! We have slipped down to 3rd place.  Please keep on doing 10 - 15 minutes of Doodle Maths every day and even if you have been in school you still need to try to Doodle at home.

 Hi Maple, 

I have decided to write a letter to you this week so there isn't a video.  Let me know when you send in your work which you prefer - a letter or a video?  I hope you had a really good week.  The weather was much colder so I needed to find my coat again!

I had some amazing work sent in about meerkats - WELL DONE!  Also the happy posters are great!   If you haven't done one yet, please give it a go and have a look at all of the photos on the website.  Lots of you have made passport point trees and someone made a passport point shark to collect all of his points on (I wonder if you know who that was!)

This week your English work is about Meerkat Mail again.  One of the tasks is reading all of the postcards and seeing how Sunny writes the address home each time.  It's a good clue to find out how Sunny is feeling as he moves from place to place.  The work I would like you to send in is a missing poster so have fun with that and do your very best writing with lots of detail and description so that I can can give you lots of passport points.  

Year 1, your maths work is multiplication and division and Year 2, your work is fractions.  Remember we are in the Summer Term so we have covered all of this work before.  Hopefully, this should be work that you are confident with.  Year 1, you have some extra ideas for each day that you can do to help counting in multiples - have fun and take some photos of your creative maths! Year 2 there are lots of extra challenges for each day so see if you can try some of these if you have time and let your maths brain grow! I would love it if you could try some of Wednesday's extra challenges because this is the day I would like your maths work sent in.

Have a great week.  Keep Doodling, keep reading, keep smiling and keep being helpful!!!!

From Mrs Humphries 



Doodle Maths 

We were beaten into 2nd place by Silver Birch.

Let's get back to the top this week. 

Remember even if you are in school, try to keep Doodling at home and get Maple Class back on top!

Week 9 Home Learning Grid and Letter


What are we doing in week 8? Watch the video to find out!

Week 8 Home Learning Grid and Letter


New 'Hello' message from me to you in the video resource section!

Week 7 Home Learning Grid and Letter


Hello message from Mrs Humphries - Please go to the video resources part of the website (under the children tab) and I am there saying HELLO to you all!

Best Doodle Class again!  Amazing! smiley

Week 6 Learning Grid and Letter


Hello Maple Class, 

I really hope you all had a good week last week.  The work you sent in was amazing in so many ways but especially creativity; you have wonderful ideas!  If you haven't had a look through all the photos then please do because there is a lot of great work and wonderful photographs and they will make you smile!  While you are on the school website, have a look in the videos section because lots of the teachers have read you a story and Mrs Hopkins has done an assembly for you.  


We were the best Doodling class again - VERY WELL DONE!  You all have to work hard on Doodle Maths to be the best class so this just goes to show that you are a GREAT TEAM!   Also a big well done to all of the children who completed the Spring Challenge and earned more than 400 Doodle Stars!  Try to challenge yourselves to get 400 Doodle Stars in May too.


There are lots of fun tasks this week on your learning grid and I hope you like using the BBC Bitesize for maths.  The English this week has some more tasks for The Day The Crayons Quit.  You are going to pretend to be one of the crayons and you are going to write a thank you letter to Duncan; I am really looking forward to reading your letters. 

Keep in touch by sending me and your friends an email.  And remember to KEEP SMILING!

From Mrs Humphries  

Week 5 Learning Grid and Letter


Hello Maple Class, 

I hope you are all OK.  The weather has been beautiful; I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy yourself a little bit.  I have loved reading your wonderful English work and it was great to see the care you took over your maths work.  You should be very proud of yourselves! 


There are a lots of new ideas for your learning this week.  English is all about The Day the Crayons Quit, maths is all about counting, adding and subtracting and in history I would like you to to invent a brand new machine - I hope you enjoy it!  You have been brilliant on Doodle Maths again this week - WELL DONE!   


I have attached a document which should help with 2 Email on Purple Mash; it would be really great to get and email from you and you can also email all of your friends.  I will be recording a video story this week.  Have a look on the video resources and you will see me on there soon!  For now you might want to listen to some of the other teachers reading stories.  I am looking forward to seeing all of your work and photographs this week.  Keep up the great work and remember to KEEP SMILING! 

From Mrs Humphries 

Week 4 Learning Grid and Letter

Please look at the school Computing challenge under the computing tab at the bottom of the main children's page.  It's a coding challenge on Purple Mash and from past experience most children really love the coding element of computing.  Please have a look and give it a go.

10th April 2020 - Oxford Owl have added more books to their free library.



Try to be the best Doodle class by staying in the green zone! 

Sycamore were the best class last week with 70% in the green zone.

Let's see if it can be Maple Class this week. 

If everyone stays in the green zone by doing a little bit each day then we will be the best class.  Come one Maple Class - you can do it! wink

There is a webinar on Doodle Maths tomorrow at 11 and 4 to give parents more information - you may want to have a listen if you have time and want to know more.