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20th July

Today Oak Class were met by Mrs Robinson on the field... she came with her guitar! Mrs Robinson sang a song, can you remember what the song was about? She also read a rather funny story. We all thought it was very cool Mrs Robinson could play the guitar and we hope she might teach us some nice songs in Year 1.

Hello Oak Class, 


Today we found out our new teachers for next year will be Mrs Ball and Mrs Robinson! We were a little bit surprised as we thought it might be Mrs Humphries who is the current Maple Class teacher, but we had a discussion about how teachers can sometimes move to different classes and year groups. We talked about things we already know about Mrs Ball and Mrs Robinson, they both teach in Hawthorne at the moment but they will be the new Maple Class teachers. Mrs Ball came and said hello at lunch time today and we're hoping to arrange a story time with them to get to know them a little better...


They are very excited to be our new teachers (because they've heard what an amazing, kind and hardworking class we are!)




Mrs Robinson speaks German                                                             Mrs Ball has a puppy!

This week Oak class have been measuring using cubes, centimetres and metres, learning new sounds in phonics and finding out about India! We also had a visit from Mrs Humphries who is the current Maple class teacher! Mrs Humphries read us one of her favourite stories outside. She teaches in Maple class where there will be a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. Although we couldn't visit our new classroom, we have been having circle times back in our Oak classroom, to share things we are excited about or apprehensive about moving into a new class.

This week we have been doing lots of counting, learning new sounds in phonics and learning about Australia! See the subject pages to follow some of the work we have been doing in school. 
This week is a hot one! In Oak class we have been keeping cool by learning about melting and freezing and we have been experimenting with ice. We have been checking our phonics sounds and recapping any that lots of us need to revise. In Maths we have been sharing out between groups. 
This week we have been doing halving and doubling in Maths using concrete resources and solving worded problems! We are learning new sounds in Phonics and we have been exploring the continent of Europe for our 'Around the World' theme. Please see pictures and activities we have been doing in class above!

Hello home-schoolers and Yellow & Orange bubbles! 


Above are some photos of what we have been up to a school this week as well as some of the resources we have used in class!

We have been working hard to keep up our amazing phonic knowledge and our reading and writing is progressing so much. We have explore flat and solid shapes as well as simple and more complex patterns. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Theobald

Dear home schooling parents, 


Please find above some of the Powerpoints and activities we have been doing in school over the week. These activities will often by accompanied by practical activities in the classroom or outside! This week and next we are looking at beaches (past and present) so if you would like send in some photos of beach holidays your child has been on it would be lovely to share these with the children who are in class. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Theobald

Hello Oak Class! laugh


We hope you have had a lovely sunny half term, the weather has been so hot! We are looking forward to seeing lots of you on Tuesday to start our new half term's theme 'Around the World'. We will be looking at holidays, transport and countries across the globe! For those children who are continuing to learn from home, please keep sending in photos and messages and we will share these with the children who are in class. We will do our best to upload the activities we are doing in class on to this page over the week. 

Miss Theobald has recorded another 'Hello' video which can be found in the Video Resource Centre!

We hope you all have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing your photos and work :)

Come back here at the end of the week to see a little video from Mrs Baxter!

Our weekly 'Hello' is in video form this week! Head to the Video Resource Centre under the 'Children' tab to watch it! 

From Miss Theobald and Mrs Baxter

4th May

Hello Oak Class, 


Thank you to all of you who are sending in photos of your learning each week. It's fantastic for us to see all the lovely work you are doing and all the effort you are putting in to keep up with your learning :) Your photos really make us smile and we're so proud of you all! This week we are inviting magical creatures into our homes and gardens! You will have received a magic door in the post - see this week's writing activity to find out what you need to do with it! Keep reading for 10 minutes every day and practicing your phonics a few times a week. Have a look at your friends work on our Oak Class page - what activities have they been up to? This week we would like to see a photo of your writing activity.


Stay safe and we look forward to receiving your photos,


Miss Theobald and Mrs Baxter

27th April

Hello Oak Class,


Well done for all the fantastic work you have been doing at home! We have been so impressed with your learning and creativity, keep up the good work :) This week we are looking at 'The Three Little Pigs'. Please keep sending photos in to us and check out your (and your friends) work displayed in our 'Oak Class' page. This week we would like you to send us a photo of you doing some phonics!

Remember to continue reading everyday - especially if you can find stories and books related to our theme. Mrs Baxter, Miss Theobald and Mrs Hamlen have also read stories that can be watched on our Video resource centre (under the children tab on the main website heading). We look forward to hearing from you over the week and seeing your smiley faces!


Parents and carers - well done for the fantastic jobs you are all doing during these challenging times! Please feel free to email us if you would like support in any areas of homeschooling as we are always here to help. 


Best wishes,

Miss Theobald and Mrs Baxter