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Home Learning Silver Birch


Wooohoo, we did it again!

Well done to all of you who made it to the green zone this week, and stayed there! You are AMAZING!

We are nearly there and we all need to try our best this week too!

This is the deciding week!

Maple have been the winners for 7 weeks and so have we.

Who will the best Doodle Class be?

We will find out on Friday so keep on Doodling all the way up to Friday!

If all of us make it to the green zone this week, we can do it.

Go Silver Birch

I've left you a little message in the Video Resource Centre

Check it out!

I can’t wait to see some of you on Monday or Thursday. It will be so lovely to be together again after such a long time.

You don’t need to bring a bag or any books, just yourself and a big smile smiley

The weather is set to be hot so pop some sun cream on before you come to school and remember your water bottle.

It would be great if you could bring any school reading books back to school so that they are ready for September. Pop them in the box next to the gate.

Home Learning - Week 14 & 15

Woohoo, we were top Doodlers again this week.

WELL DONE to everybody that reached and stayed in the green zone.

It's very close and the race is on to be top Doodlers of 2020. WE have been the winning class 6 times and Maple class have been winners 7 times. There are 2 weeks left and if we are top doodlers for those two weeks, we will be the top Doodlers for the year.

If every single one of us works together and make it to the green zone and stay there,



Home Learning - Week 13

Hey Silver Birch,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you’re ready for another week of working hard.

Thank you to everybody who sent me their fantastic work last week, you are incredible and should be sooooo proud of yourselves for still working so hard.

I need to say a HUGH congratulations and WELL DONE for being top Doodlers again, only 4 of us didn’t quite make the green zone, let’s see if we can all make it this week! WE have been champions for 6 weeks but to be the Doodle champions for 2020, we need to win the next 2 weeks. We can do it if everyone tries their best and stays in the green zone. Try and Doodle every day.

There are lots of writing opportunities for you this week, so flex your fingers and get your brains whizzing with all of your incredible ideas and super vocabulary. I can’t wait to read what you send me!

Maths this week is all about measuring so watch the White Rose clips to help you and then focus to complete your work. There are lots of extra challenges for those who want them.

Look at all the extra activities that I have set this week and see what takes your fancy but try to complete the art challenge.

I am planning to do a Teams phone call to you all this week, I would like you to get a book or DVD (age appropriate) that you can tell everybody about OR if you are feeling proud of a piece of work that you have completed at home, you could show that and talk about that. I can’t wait to speak to you altogether, it will be so much fun.

Have a great week, work hard and have lots of fun.

Mrs Rampton 

Doodle Maths

It was a tie this week – Silver Birch (Us) and Maple were both top doodlers!

So far, Sycamore have won 4 times, Us (Silver Birch) have won 5 times and Maple 7 times.

Who will be the Best Doodle Class for 2020?

Come on Silver Birch, you can do it!

Only 7 of us were not in the green zone, let’s see if we can all make it this week!

Home Learning - Week 12

Home Learning - Week 11

Hi Silver Birch Class,

I could not be any prouder of you all than I am right now. It has been a long time now since we have been in school together and have seen each other, yet you are still all working unbelievably hard and are sending me incredible work. Keep it going for the next few weeks, then you can have a lovely break over the summer.

This week your writing is based on two videos about the pyramids. I think you will enjoy the clips; they are very funny and will hopefully inspire you to write clear and informative instructions or a super adventure story. There is a task for every day to keep you busy! Keep focusing on your handwriting and editing your work, checking punctuation and spellings.

This week your maths is on measuring and symmetry for year 2 and turns, angles and lines for year 3. There are lots of tasks each day so just see what you can do – you don’t have to do it all but some days you may want to challenge yourself a little more and do some of the extra tasks and challenges. Remember to keep doodling, we were top doodlers again last week (third week in a row) so wee if you can keep up the incredible effort and try to get in and stay in the green zone. Try to do a little bit every day and see how long your streak can last!

The coding challenge on Purple Mash ends this week so see how many challenges you can complete. Remember to complete them in order.

I have popped lots of other challenges onto the class page s have a look and see if any of it takes your fancy. Remember to send me any incredible work that you are proud of so that I can pop it onto our class page for everyone to see. Send over your work as soon as you complete a task so that I can give you feedback and show the class your work.

Listen out for your phone on Monday morning, I am going to try and call you all and find out what you have been up to lately.

Have a fantastic week, full of lots of learning and fun (in your free time!)

Take care

Mrs Rampton

Home Learning - Week 10

There's a new video message from me to you in the video resource centre. Check it out!

Home Learning - Week 9

Woohoo Silver Birch, we were the top doodlers last week. Keep up the great work!

Home Learning - Week 8

Home Learning - Week 7

Home Learning - Week 6


Still image for this video

Home Learning - Week 5

Hi Silver Birch Class,


I hope you had a great week and a fantastic weekend and that you’re ready for week 5 of home learning. If this week is anything like last week, it is going to be incredible. I have been so impressed by the enthusiasm you are demonstrating towards your home learning and the creativity that you are putting into both work and activities to keep you entertained. 


Thank you so much to those of you that sent me your fantastic work, it is great to see so many of you completing the highlighted tasks and producing super outcomes. I have an exceptionally long list of points to add to your passports; well done! The two highlighted activities this week are writing (task 2) and you can choose any of the maths tasks, so please send me these, as well as lots of photos showing you doing fun things. If you haven’t yet looked through the photos please go and check them out, there is a vast selection of superb work and wonderful photos to make you smile. While you’re on the school website, look in the videos section to see what’s new, Mrs Hopkins has even done an assembly for you!


Parents, you are doing a great job. The work that the children are producing is superb and is truly a joy to see. I know that home learning can be challenging so please don’t put too much pressure on yourselves for every day to be perfect, just do what you can do. Thank you to all the parents who have been so kind and supportive over the last few weeks. It really means a lot to know that we are all working together during these difficult times.


Have a fantastic week and remember to keep Doodling and try to stay in the green zone. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be the top doodling class this week?


There are many additional tasks for you to get stuck into this week including a section on VE Day, and other resources including art, science and history, for those of you that like extra challenges.


Keep up the great work, Silver Birch. You are absolutely amazing!

Have a super week.

Mrs Rampton

Home Learning - Week 4 

Hello Silver Birch,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a lovely rest, hopefully enjoying the amazing weather that we had, and you’re now rejuvenated and ready for another week of work. 


Thank you to everyone who sent in your information sheet and maths work last week. You should be very proud of yourselves; you are working very hard at home and I thoroughly enjoy reading and looking at your work and giving you some feedback and awarding so many passport points. You produced some beautiful artwork and book reviews to convince others to read your favourite book. It is great to see how much effort and care you are putting in and taking over the presentation of your work.  Well done and keep up the wonderful work. You are super stars. Remember to thank all the adults that are being so amazing and helping you with your work. Tell them how incredible they are too. 


I have also enjoyed seeing all the pictures you have sent in to show how you are keeping busy at home, such as climbing trees, picking litter, dressing up, being creative, baking, having fun in the garden and being at one with nature.


When you are looking at the week 4 overview you will notice that there are lots of ideas for different things that you can do, including poetry, fun maths tasks, science investigations and history! I hope you enjoy it!  


Keep up the amazing work on Doodle Maths, most of you managed to stay in the green zone making us top doodlers last week. Let’s see if all of you can stay in the green zone this week. If you took part in the Doodle Maths Spring Challenge this month, you needed to achieve a streak of 7 days and over 400 stars, make sure you get an adult to submit your entry.  You will find the details and entry form here -https://www.doodlemaths.com/doodlemathschallenge/#!


Good luck with everything this week. I look forward to seeing the amazing pieces of work and photos that you send me this week and reading the messages that you write when you send them.


Keep your eyes peeled as I will be recording a video story later this week. Have a look on the video resources and you will find me there by the end of the week, but for now enjoy listening to all the other teachers reading stories and poems. 


Keep up the great work and have fun.

Mrs Rampton


PS – I have attached a document which should help with 2Email on Purple Mash. You can email me and your friends. Hope it helps.


Well done to everybody that managed to stay in the green zone and keep your uninterrupted streak of days going strong, with many of you having a streak of over 14 days. 

Keep up the fantastic work. 

You are AMAZING smiley

Keep up the great work Silver Birch.

I have received lots of amazing information sheets, maths, book reviews and art. You should be very proud of what you are achieving.



Great work this week Silver Birch. 74% of you were in the green zone, let’s see if we can increase that next week!

See how long you can make your daily streak – AIM FOR A 7 DAY STREAK AND THEN JUST KEEP GOING! Well done to everybody who had a seven day streak this week, keep up the good work.

Also, look on the Doodle Maths website to see what their spring challenge is all about. You may want to enter! 

See the link for details and information about submitting your entry.


Good luck Silver Birch!

You can do it!




We are just abut hanging on in there in third place at the moment. Yesterday we were fourth so we are moving on up!

Let's all make a huge effort and we could overtake the front runners. 

Remember to make Doodle Maths your priority over all other maths - try to do 15 minutes per day. 

Keep up the good work all of you who are working hard. This is a team effort so we all need to do our bit. WE can do it!


Check out the Mould Experiment that we started a few weeks ago, pictures are on the class blog.

Some of the results are truly shocking!