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Week 14.

I can hardly believe that this is now the last full week before the end of term.  Time really does pass quickly.  It was lovely seeing most of you on Friday afternoon and how much you have changed.  Thank you for sharing some of your work completed whilst you have been at home learning.  I am really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday week.  

This week, I have asked you to complete an English task on The Climb, this is a mixture of reading and writing. The story that follows on is one of the pieces I would like you to forward to me.   There is also a spelling exercise to do each day.  For Maths, the lessons are focusing on converting units of measure.  Watch the videos and then complete the worksheets that accompany each lesson.  I have also included a Daily 5 - to do for four days and then at the end of the week there are the word problems.  

Science is looking at electricity, especially on the symbols used for each component.  This is one of the pieces that I would like to be sent in at the end of the week.  German is watching a video about a birthday.  Art is all about Surrealism.  I hope you enjoy the week but remember to spend some time outside exercising.  Let me know what you do each day.  I am still walking about 2.5 miles each day.  

The online library is superb.  I do hope you have all chosen a book from it.  I am currently reading a Caroline Lawrence book all about the Romans in Britain.  

Finally, we began in March leading the Doodle Maths %chart but recently have been lagging behind the other classes.  Let us try and make this the week we show that Sycamore are completing this online activity.  The best results come from "little and often"  which means everyday achieving stars.  There are some children in our class who have worked on Doodle Maths everyday and their results have really improved.  I am still setting extras for those of you in the green.  The extras are based on National Curriculum objectives and apparently an easy way of running up a high score of stars.   Give this activity a go this week - try to get into the habit for the summer holidays.  

Finally, finally, Mrs Hopkins listed the top 5 people in each class in the coding challenge set by Mrs Robinson this term.  I will be e-mailing the certificates and top 10 list to those children.  Congratulations to the ten children, you really did work hard on this long-term challenge.  

Enjoy this week.  As I mentioned earlier, I am really looking forward to seeing you next week.  

Mrs Troughear 

Week 14 Home learning grid

Hello Sycamore class,

I hope you are all fine.  I would like to thank the children who have sent work in this week, and hope you liked the reading task.  It has been interesting seeing which books you have chosen.  Please have a look at the on-line library because there is such a wide choice of books there.   This week, I would like you to complete the comprehension on White Fang and send in your answers to it.  The writing task is to complete a story from an image of a boy diving and swimming with a fish.  The spellings are looking at "shun" endings.  Can you think of a rule that will help you remember which one to choose?

Maths is all about angles and measuring with a protractor.  I have also included a challenge about times in a race and the daily 8.  Good luck.  

For the other subjects, there is a video for German - learning about time, days and months; a History lesson about the Kingdom of Benin; Music vidoes where musicians from Hampshire Music Service talk about and play different instruments and finally Art.  Art this week is to find/paint a Still Life.  The St Mary Bourne Flower Show would like your age group to paint a Still Life.  Please can this be sent in to me in preparation for the event.  Finally there is a link to Rob Biddulph - a superb guide to drawing and painting - good luck. 
I look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Troughear. 

Home learning grid for week 13

Welcome to week 12 of home learning.  This week, you will be continuing to work on volume in Maths.  I have also included a full arithmetic test, with answers and a Maths challenge based on a young lady called Helen Keller.  Finally, there is a daily 8 - a bit like Doodle Maths and there are 8 questions to answer each day - Monday to Thursday and a different game challenge for Friday.  English is slightly different too - a grammar exercise on determiners, spellings to complete each day, as well as a test from last week's spellings. There is a comprehension about ladybirds to complete too.  Finally the most important task is to read.  I would like you to select a new book and to make time to sit and have "eyes on print".  This means to find somewhere quiet to read and to focus on the book for 30 minutes, twice a day.  You should find that you read enough to understand what is happening in the story.  Please make the book you choose a fiction book - we will do non-fiction another week.  

You should complete the book and then I would like you to summarise the book in 10 sentences and to send those into me as one of the tasks for the week.  Please remember to add the title of the book and the author.  

There is BBC bitesize lesson to watch and work on about The Alps.  

Art is two activities - one is folding paper to make springs and then using the springs to make something like a toy.  The second task is to take a line for a walk and then to paint using black, white and one colour.  

 Do have a look at Doodle Maths - we seem to have gone off the boil.  It seems to be the same children in green each week - you need to have a go at completing the daily 8 or 9 or 10 each day to reach and stay in green.  Let us make a determined effort this week.  

Enjoy the tasks and I do look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Troughear 

Grid for week 12 home learning

Hello Sycamore class,

I cannot believe that it is week 11 for home learning!  You are all doing fantastically.  Last week, there was a podcast to listen to and then to create your own interview.  The interviews that have been sent in, both as a document and a recording have been superb.  I will post some on the class blog tomorrow.  Well done, they are humorous and entertaining.  I look forward to receiving more to read and hear your choice of words.  

This week, There is a powerpoint with reading and writing tasks about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes - one of my favourite books.  The spelling task is similar to the last two weeks. Again, I would like you to complete the sheet and then choose 10 words that you find tricky to either spell or read.  Remember to take a spelling test from last week's choice of 10.

Maths this week is all about volume.  The three lessons are on Oak National Academy - the web addresses are on the home learning grid and I have also cut and pasted the sheets that you are asked to work through onto documents, titled volume 1,2 and 3.  There is also an arithmetic test, with answers and a Maths Challenge.  I have also left the extra Maths from Third Space on.  

Science this week is an introduction to Electricity - Static Electricity.  If you have a balloon then it might help you tackle the small experiments.  Again I have cut and pasted the work tasks for you onto a document.  

Finally, there is Art  - two pieces this week - one is about exploding shapes - a little like symmetry - and the other is #Still Learning poster.  There is a page telling you all about it and where on the internet you can access more information from Nick Sharratt.  

For year 6 there is also a folder with 5 EMA tasks in.  This is what we are doing in school.  

I have put a Top Ten for coding from Purple Mash up.  Have a look and see if your name appears in the top 10.  You have one week left to make sure you are there.  Good luck.  

The online Hampshire library is still available for you to access a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction.  I am currently reading one and really enjoying it.  So much so that I cannot remember the title but it is written by A F Harrold.  

Enjoy this week.  Remember that Mrs Torkington would love to see some photos, so she can load them onto the website to share with the rest of your bubble.  

Enjoy this week and I will endeavour to call you all sometime this week.  

Mrs Troughear 

Top Ten for Sycamore class coding from Purple Mash

Home learning grid for week 11

Join the Duchess of Cambridge as she leads the Uk's largest assembly tomorrow (18th June)

You can watch it live at 10am on the TES YouTube channel or on the Oak National Academy website https://classroom.thenational.academy/assemblies/ at 11am. The assembly is all about the importance of mental wellbeing among children, with the theme being 'spread a little kindness'.


Tune in and be part of history!

Home learning week 10

Hello Sycamore class.  It does seem really strange to have half the class back and to be working in the hall.  The children, who have returned, have loved seeing each other as well as working hard on the tasks set.  I have really enjoyed reading through the biographies, you sent in, about Mary Anning.  What a determined young lady she was.  

This week, the English is a similar set up to last week - a week's worth of work on one powerpoint.  This week it is based on a podcast all about where words come from and how they can be made up -"Ask the Nincompoops!"  The listening and looking at the vocabulary is at the beginning of the week with the planning and writing an interview towards the end.  The final piece is to be part of an interview - this could be videoed or written.   Maths this week, is to be found under year 5 Hawthorn class.  Good luck this week on this.  I have also posted an arithmetic task and some reasoning.  

 There are some BBC video clips to watch for German - looking at hobbies and activities.  Art this week is to create a mythical creature using pencil, paint or colour.  

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.  

I almost forgot - there is a new video message on the video resources.  

Home learning grid week 10

Home learning week 9

Hello Sycamore class, this week is going to be slightly different to before because Year 6 can return to school.   There is a change to the work too.  As year 6 are back at school, they will be completing some Maths and English daily, so for those of you home learning there is more Maths and English.  I hope it is not too onerous.  I have set work for year 5 for Maths, from the Oak National Academy website.  This week, I would like you to watch and complete the tasks about converting units of measure.  The lessons follow on from each other and the lesson you watched last week.  I have also included an arithmetic test.  I do not mind if you do not print it off, as it is paper heavy, but do the sums and calculations in your workbook.  Please remember that the best way to answer the arithmetic questions is to always write the calculation down (so you know what type of sum it is) and then show some working out.  The answers are at the back of the test.  This is what I would like you to send in.  The final piece of Maths is the Friday challenge from BBC bitesize daily lessons.  The address is on the home learning grid for this week below. 

  For year 6, home learning there are 4 lessons from White Rose website.  This has a video for each lesson and an explanation to help you understand.  There are tasks to complete at the end of each lesson.  Please complete the Friday challenge from BBC bitesize daily lessons - again the address is on the home learning grid below.   I have also included the 5 early morning pieces that will be completed in class. 

   English this week, is all about biographies.  Last week in Science, I asked you to watch and make notes about Mary Anning and to send the notes into me.  This week has been the best response to date with 20 of you sending them in.  Superb!  I have printed off the notes for the year 6 and put them in their tray (so nothing is brought into school) and read through the year 5 notes.  Well done.  

This week there is a powerpoint for the week - lesson 1 through to 5.  Lesson 1 and 2 are all about reading and looking at vocabulary.  The texts for you to read are included in the English subheading.  Lesson 3 - 5 are all about writing and finding out  about the features of a   biography and some grammar work based on this.  Finally, the task is to plan and write your own biography about this young lady and to include the features we will have studied throughout the week.  I would like you to send me in your biography about Mary Anninng.  Finally, for English is spelling.  There is a slight change here.  There is a worksheet to complete about a specific spelling rule.  Read through the beginning and then have a go at the tasks.  There is not much space for writing on the paper, and I would like you to choose 10 of the trickier words for you, to practise over the week. 

  For year 6, there are 5 short activities included here.  At school, they tend to be first thing in the morning tasks to do.  If you want, year 6 have a go.  

  The other lessons are Art - looking at one of my favourite artists - Hundertwasser.  There is a powerpoint about painting trees in his style.  Have a go.  

  The other lesson is PSHE and thinking about emotions and feelings about returning to school, or not.  How you feel, especially if you are not returning yet to school.  

  Have a lovely week.  


Home learning week 8.

Welcome back to home learning after a week's holiday.  I sure hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather and were able to get outside and be in the sunshine.  I have put a range of work on this page and the two pieces I would like sent in are the notes made on Mary Anning, (Science) and the Maths worksheets - for year 6 this is adding and subtracting mixed numbers and for year 5 the worksheets 1 and 2 on finding time intervals and changes made to a timetable.  I do hope you are keeping up the reading - I have recently finished Head Boy by David Baddiel, this was a much more enjoyable book than I first thought, and I did mention that the theme is the same as in the film "Freaky Friday".  Now I am reading a much more sombre book, called "Our Castle by the sea".  It is set in 1939 so it is about World War II.  Please have a look at Doodle Maths.  There are three children with a daily streak of over 65 days - congratulations!  It is wonderful to see the progress they are making.    Over this week, I will be sending you an email with the number of passport points you need to put in your passport when you return to school.  These points will be based on the two tasks and purple mash activities you have sent to me.  

Take Care. 

There is a video on video resources for Sycamore class

Grid for home learning week 8

Hello Sycamore class, 

Welcome to week 7 of home learning.  This week there is another video to find out which tasks I would like you to send in.  There are a number of videos this week - for Science, History, Geography and Maths.  Congratulations to all of you completing Doodle Maths, our class had 69% of you in the green zone on Friday.  This is great news and many of you are also completing the "extras" that I assign.  6 of you also tackled Maths Watch too.  I have just finished reading a superb book called "The longest night of Charlie Noon" by Christopher Edge.  It is not a very long book but it was a real page turner.  Now I am reading a book by David Baddiel.  Keep up the great work.  

Home learning grid week 7

Hello Sycamore class,

I hope you are all fine and enjoyed the VE day bank holiday weekend.  

Thank you to all of you who have sent in completed work to me.  I was really pleased with the comic strip about the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  You found out a lot of information about the events and statistics.  

This week, there are 3 Maths tasks, 3 English, Science, Geography and History as well as the Purple Mash computer tasks.  I have highlighted grammar and one of the Maths pieces to send in.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

If you look at Doodle Maths, some of you have, what they call Extras.  These are 15 questions about one specific learning objective for the appropriate year group.  I am able to see when you complete them and I assign them to children who are staying in the green zone.  It is wonderful to see so many of you working so hard on Doodle Maths and also to those of you who still look at Maths Watch.  Both are great programs.  

I have posted a video on video resource page, which I hope you will be able to access. 

Good luck this week.  

Home learning grid for week beginning 11th May 2020

Welcome everyone to week 5 of home learning.  Thank you so much to those of you who are sending in the highlighted tasks so that I can see you are having a go.  I was in school on Friday and filled in many passport points - I am informing you, through email, that I will be filling in your passports.  This week, I have highlighted two activities - spelling exercise and Geography to be sent in.  Well done to those of you regularly doing Doodle Maths - we are 63% in the green last week.  Let us see if we can improve this percentage this week.  Half the class are also still working on Maths Watch.  This will be a great resource if you get stuck on the Maths tasks set this week, especially as she gives such clear explanations of what to do. 

 The writing challenges, for this week, can be found the Hampshire Library Service Facebook page.  The overview page will tell you how to view the daily challenges set by well-known children's author - Ali Sparkes. There will also be a daily Q and A session with her. 

Remember to fill in your spelling grid each day.  

Keep up the great work.   In your email on the class blog, it would be interesting to know what books you are currently reading.  At the moment, I am reading "The Embassy of the Dead".  It has taken me a while to get into this book, but now the story is moving on at a pace.  The description of the animals that have never been alive is very detailed and rather gruesome. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Good luck.

Mrs Troughear 

Home learning grid for week 5

Home learning week 4.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a book review.  I will be reading them, giving some feedback and awarding passpoint points.  If you have already submitted some work through Purple Mash then I have already given feedback and passpoint points are already in the respective books.  It is great to read your work.  Each week I will be asking for some work to be sent via email to me - I have a row at the bottom of the week's grid with the tasks highlighted.  My email is f.troughear@st-marybourne.hants.sch.uk

  Thank you also for the lovely photos either showing you at work or play.  They are on the class page.  

  If you took part in the Doodle Maths spring challenge you needed a streak of 7 days and over 400 stars, make sure you get an adult to submit your entry.  You will find the details and entry form here


  I look forward to hearing from you.  Keep up the great work.  

Mrs Troughear. 


Welcome back to "home learning school".  I do hope you found the weather over the Easter break refreshing and made you want to be outside in the garden.  This week's work is below.  Please have a look at the new Bitesize timetable on the BBC website.  It has been talked about a lot on Radio 4 and the History section was referred to as Family History, so perfect for home learning.  I do enjoy reading and looking at the completed work you send in.  I have forwarded the couple of German puppet videos on to Mrs Robinson.  Good luck this week and I do hope all is well.