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Ladybird group phonics

We can see so many of you applying your phonics in your writing, well done!


Phonics is the base for reading and writing so doing phonics activities for short periods throughout the week will really help your child make progress. If your child is finding it hard to remember previously learnt sounds (e.g. ai, igh, ee) please go back to previous PowerPoint lessons - in school we keep repeating old sounds until children are really confident with them!


This week we are learning the 'oo' sound. There are two ways 'oo' can be pronounced:


The short 'oo' sound - as in book, look, cook


The long 'oo' sound - as in moon, cartoon, cool


This week's PowerPoint teaches both these sounds, however you may want to focus on a different one each day:

Here are some additional videos activities to practice the oo sounds:

Recap of the long and short oo: