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Any children looking to do more maths work today or tomorrow...please use the BBC Bitesize lessons or use White Rose Video Lessons (all the videos are closely linked to the work the children have done this week. Here is the link:  (https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/)

We are the best class at the moment on Doodle Maths (but it's very close).  Have a check and see if you can stay in the GREEN ZONE!  

Year 1 Maths - Wednesday 

You have missing number sums to complete for addition.  Top Tip:  I would draw circles for the starting number in one colour then I would carry on drawing circles (in a different colour) carrying on counting until I get to the total.  How many more circles did you draw?  That is your missing number.

OR - You could just write the starting number and then count on with circles.  OR You can take away the starting amount from the total to find the missing amount because addition is the inverse of subtraction.  IF IT'S TRICKY THEN USE PASTA OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT YOU CAN COUNT.  MAKE THE TOTAL AND THEN SPLIT THE COUNTERS INTO 2 SETS.


Year 2 Maths - Wednesday

Both tasks are simple to follow.  You can choose which one you would rather complete.  smiley

Year 2 maths - Tuesday.  I would recommend task 2 and task 3.  The task 2 cards can be used for the loop cards but they can also be used to create number sentences using the greater than, less than and = signs in their books in the same way that the teacher created number sentences in the video. 

To make the maths work harder, you can create number sentences that are more complicated to compare by using larger numbers, having additions and subtractions with 3 numbers each side or by having 2 comparisons.

? + ? + ?  > ? - ? - ?    or   ? + ? > ? - ? > ? + ?     

Task 3 is a fun interactive activity. 

Year 1 maths - Tuesday  I would recommend that most children do task 1 and then play the game in task 3.  For the game, choose addition and subtraction and choose bronze level for the first time that you play.

For extra challenge try task 2.   

As always please don't feel that you have to print the sheets.  They can just write the work into their books.