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Think about all the kind things that you do, you probably do lots of kind things without even realising it!

Here are some of the kind things that you may do: helping lay the table, helping clean the dishes, tidying your bedroom, folding the laundry, taking care of a pet, looking after and playing with a brother or sister, writing to or phoning a relative to cheer them up and see if they are ok, using your manners, smiling at someone.

Record all the kind things (acts of kindness) you do throughout the day or over a week. You could record this in lots of different ways. You could draw a picture of yourself or use a photo in the middle of a piece of paper and every time you do something kind write it down/ draw it around your picture, you could even take photos of yourself doing kind things and create a collage. You could create a chart where you record your acts of kindness. Perhaps you could get your whole family involved and record when everyone does and act of kindness – you could write different acts of kindness down one side of a chart and the names of the people in your house across the top and then you could use a tally to record each time someone completes an act of kindness.

Once you’ve recorded all your acts of kindness, you  will be able to see how kind you are and how much you help people and cheer them up.