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Create a collage about your favourite person

Think about who you are going to base your collage on OR make your collage for. You could choose someone in your family, or a friend!

Start by listing all the good things about them. When you think of this person, what are the first things that you think about? 

You could use lots of different things to create your collage; drawings, photographs, words or letters cut out of magazines etc. Remember that a collage is when you create a piece of art by sticking different materials onto a backing paper. 

You might want to include pictures of the person or photographs of the persons interests or hobbies, it might be nice to think about their favourite colours too and include some of those!

Alternatively, you could cut up some small pieces of coloured paper and create an image using these. For example, if the person likes flowers, you could create their favourite flower, using your coloured paper.

To make your collage more interesting, try adding a poem  that you have written about them or some special words to say how you feel. 


Also, keep sending me photos of you performing the acts of kindness that you are most proud of. Remember to send them to me so that I can pop them on the class page so that everyone can see how kind Silver Birch are.

How kind can you be this week?