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Here are some additional activity ideas you may want to do around your new magic door!


  • Make a poster to display in the garden about the new magic door
  • Draw a map of the garden with the location of the door and any other features - label the features!
  • If you are feeling particularly creative you may want to start a ‘elf on the shelf’-style activity, making mischievous things happen around the magic door every so often (footsteps in flour, letters back and forth, food disappearing from the house, knocked over plant pot etc!) Your child may want to write a sign telling it to behave! 
  • Draw or paint different magical creatures
  • Make some fairy wings/ a unicorn horn/ a monster mask
  • Draw the outline of a magic door on paper for them to colour and decorate their own one
  • Make a garden around the magic door and decorate it with natural resources like sticks, stones, paper flags
  • Using cardboard or lolly sticks, make some miniature furniture like a table and chair for outside the door


- A few shorter pieces of writing are what we're looking for this week and lots of these activities can lead to children writing a short caption, label or sentence about what they have done.