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Topic ideas

Here are some other activities you might want to do around 'The three little pigs'.

See below for Mrs Hamlen's houses!


- Build mini houses out of three materials then try and blow them down with a hairdryer! Which one is the strongest?

- Build houses outside and see which material can survive the elements this week (it's going to be rainy!)

- Collect materials in a bucket around the garden/ on a nature walk then sort them into natural materials and man made materials. Can they identify what different materials they have found e.g. wood, metal, plastic, stone  

- Walk around your village/ town and see what different materials all the buildings are made from - can they make a list of words/ pictures on a clip board. What do they notice? Are any houses made from card? cotton wool? sticks?

- Log into Mini Mash and build some houses within 'Simple City' (the poster displayed in the Mini Mash classroom)

- Look at houses around the world online together, do houses look the same in Spain/ Africa/ Australia/ Brazil?

- Make a map of their dream house! What special rooms does it have? 

- Make little pig masks from paper plates

- Make a puppet show from a cardboard box and make a set / puppets to retell the story

Mrs Hamlen has made houses outside from three different materials!

Which one do you think looks the sturdiest? Which one would last through a storm? Are these natural or man-made materials?


Mini mash also has some story creating programs! Can they draw a picture related to our story and caption it?

Explore Mini Mash for more art, games, reading and writing activities.