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St Mary Bourne Primary School

Learning, growing and achieving together

Vision and Values



Learning, growing and achieving together


Our Vision is:


We would like St. Mary Bourne Primary School to be known for its blend of nurturing provision with high standards for all children.


 We want it to be a place where visitor’s remark on the warm friendly atmosphere.  SMB will be a place where children’s hard work is celebrated and rewarded.


St Mary Bourne Primary will be known not only for high standards but for its preparation of pupils for life in the 21st Century.  Children will be able to articulate the skills they have used or will need to complete a task. 


When children leave St. Mary Bourne Primary School they will remark on how much they have learnt, achieved and grown during their time with us.  


At St. Mary Bourne Primary School we aim to:  


  • Help everyone to enjoy learning and achieve success


  • Provide a safe and caring place where everyone is valued and respected


  • Expect the highest standards in work and behaviour


  • Promote healthy lifestyles


  • Encourage everyone to make positive contributions in school and the wider community


  • Prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life


  • Encourage partnership between children, parents, staff, governors and the community


  • Raise spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness


  • Develop respect for different cultures and religions


  • Provide the highest standards of teaching, learning and care in a broad and balanced curriculum


  • Develop confident, independent learners.