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Well done to all of you that are attempting a little bit of writing each week, we know it is not always easy!

Remember little and often is better than one longer piece of writing and it is okay to let them be creative and make mistakes. This week we would like to focus on a few shorter pieces of writing, ensuring children are applying their phonics and writing in pre-cursive font (see example below!)

If they are not sure about how to spell a word, encourage them to have a go independently, sounding out the word on their fingers.


1. Here is a JEDI video demonstrating pre-cursive letter formation – scroll to any letters your child is

struggling with!



2. Have a go at our magic door writing activity for the week.


3. Build on their writing skills by making child-friendly opportunities for them to write throughout the week – this doesn’t necessarily have to be writing formally on paper – let them take a note pad outside, use a clipboard, make a booklet or poster, write a card.


Good luck and have fun!

Example of Oak class writing in pre-cursive font:

Poppy has used her phonic knowledge to sound out words independently 

She reads it out to me "dear rainbow unicorn you are welcome anytime at this magic door."

After writing this, we looked up the word unicorn in a book to see that it's spelt it quite an unusual way!