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Once in a Lifetime

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Once in a Lifetime

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Listen to some of our Once in a Lifetime work in the video resource centre.

Tiddler Stories

Thank you for your letters.  I have read the pages that you asked for and they are posted under the video resources page of the school website.smiley


A game for counting in 2s, 5s and 10s - GREAT IDEA!


Lucy R sent her invention - a cure for the Coronavirus to Boris Johnson - BRILLIANT!

I think this is a GREAT idea - The Rimmer family have made their own passport point tree!

These videos are brilliant!

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There is a video of Bailey singing the Rainbow Song in the video resource section - have a look it's great!


It was so lovely to speak to you on the phone this week!  During some of my conversations I ended up talking about horses because before I was a teacher, I used to ride horses for my job.  I liked dressage the most and I worked at an amazing stables with beautiful horses.  My favourite horse was called Dutch Dream and he was a beautiful young chestnut stallion.  He was very cheeky but I LOVED him!  And sometimes I was lucky enough to ride him.  I was also incredibly lucky and used to ride experienced dressage horses. My favourite to ride was a bay stallion called Dutch Gold who went to the Olympics (a long time ago!).  I loved riding horses and I went to shows around the country and even abroad helping as a groom.  I used to help break young horses in (that was always exciting), I used to muck out about 10 stables every day, I used to ride about 3 or 4 horses every day, I used to try to catch foals in the fields and I even helped when foals were being born.  So there you are, Mrs Humphries hasn't always been a teacher! 

I have put some photos of me with Dutch Dream and Dutch Gold below .  Oh and a picture of Ben and Molly's VE Day poster because someone asked to see that too!

Mrs Humphries and her favourite horses and a VE Day poster!

Thank You letters from the crayons! ( I've written a letter too as Pink Crayon - hope you like it!)

The Life of Alexander Graham Bell

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Photos from this week - What a lot of fun you are having! What creative ideas you have!

HELLO MAPLE CLASS! Have a look at what your friends are doing!

At the start of the new school year we do a lot of work on place value in maths.  The children have been grouping items into sets of tens and ones in order to count accurately, they have been finding numbers on a numberline and hundred square, saying which number is more and less and doing measuring tasks.